Kimono Style Long Coat with Story – Unjust


Kimono inspired long coat with story.  One of a Kind.


long kimono style coat
Sun and Sand, Waves and Wind.

Kimono inspired long coat with story. One of a Kind boro patchwork upcycled cotton, poly-cotton blends. Ladies large, men’s medium.

  • shoulder to shoulder 24″
  • length 60″ (hem alteration available)
  • pockets
  • tie front
  • gender nautral


When the gods of the Sea grew fretful their attention turned to the ambitious creatures fighting and playing on the shore. Ever busy, their short lives were full to the brim of activity and creation. They seemed heedless of the world around them and made no effort to guide their mindless industry beyond an immediate need. Ermine was one such being. He was rebuilding his house. His work was stunning and meticulous. He used the best materials and his workmanship was astonishing. He was building in a beautiful place, the same place where Waves had smashed his first home. The restless gods debated and mused. Should they let him be or test his mettle?
copyright 2017 Tenley Shewmake