Kimono Style Short Coat with Story – Spring


Kimono inspired wearable art coat with contemporaneously written short story. One of a Kind.


Kimono inspired short coat . Pieced patchwork in cotton plaid and patterns. Blue and white accents set off the predominantly subdued brown and reds of this stylish coat handmade by Tenley Shewmake.

  • shoulder to shoulder 23″
  • length 30 5/8″
  • two pockets
  • tie front
  • gender neutral


Brown and bare in the low light of a late Winter sun, the garden didn’t look like much. Anna slipped off her shoes and socks and practically gasped as her pale toes waded into the rich cold loam. She looked into the North sky, blues bisected by dark barren branches. A girl could get lost staring into the tree tops discovering patterns, and if she looked up to the South she might lose herself in the endless birth and death of the windblown clouds. So Anna focused on her cold feet, and smiled as she began to turn last Fall’s dead leaves into the soil.

copyright 2020 Tenley Shewmake