Kimono Style Short Coat with Story – Golden


Golden. Kimono inspired wearable art coat with contemporaneously written short story. One of a kind, Versatile and flattering on many body shapes. Medium.

Kimono inspired short jacket. Wearable art coat, kimono inspired cut is flattering to many bodyshapes. A matching drawstring bag accompanies this top.

  • shoulder to shoulder 20″
  • length 29″
  • pockets
  • long ties terminating in glass beads
  • gender neutral


Someone had poisoned the wine. Summer looked around the hall at the slumped guests. Not dead, not awake, not dreaming. She smelled a flask, swirling the lees as she breathed in the earth aroma of spice and aged grape. She walked across the wide plank floor, her leather soled boots creating an echo in the high ceilinged chamber. They would awaken soon, and not remembering, would argue amongst themselves. She had seen it before, and wondered which of the cooks would be punished. Summer left the room, dropping the flask to shatter on the stone threshold as she stepped into the sunlight. The day was hers.
© copyright 2020 Tenley Shewmake