Kimono Style Short Coat with Story – Glory


Kimono inspired short coat with story.  One of a Kind.


Kimono inspired long coat with story. One of a Kind boro patchwork with upcycled silk, cotton, poly-cotton blends. Ladies large, men’s medium.

  • shoulder to shoulder 24″
  • length 31″
  • pockets
  • tie front
  • gender neutral


Adriel was common. Mara looked upon him with disdain, irritated by his plaid shirts and callused hands. Her daughter deserved so much better, a man with ambition, a man who wore crisp shirts and tidy suits, who worked “in the city”, making decisions and bringing home good pay. Loube was proud of her son. He was kind and a hard worker. He was good with his hands, and could fix any broken thing, including injured animals and people’s hearts. Words would not sooth Mara’s fear. Loube wove together a coat of homespun and jeweled linen for Mara to help her understand the beauty in Adriel’s shining soul.
copyright 2019 Tenley Shewmake