Kimono Style Short Coat with Story – Common Dream


Common Dream. Kimono inspired wearable art coat with contemporaneously written short story. One of a kind, Versatile and flattering on many body shapes. Many pockets. Medium.

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Kimono inspired short jacket. Wearable art coat, kimono inspired cut is flattering to many body shapes. A matching drawstring bag accompanies this top.

  • shoulder to shoulder 21″
  • length 29.5″
  • in seam side pockets
  • decorative sleeve pockets
  • long ties terminating in glass beads
  • gender neutral

Common Dream

It was time to write something meaningful, but John’s pen was still. He combed his memories for the best and brightest, a lesson learned–some inspiration he hoped his words would provide to those gathered, yet his pen was still. In that quiet he let slip thoughts about the coming mourners and his mother’s tears, and a picture of a long past afternoon came into focus. “John” his father said, calling him over to a group of men. John ran over and his dad hefted him up. John buried his face in his father’s beard. The men laughed as John relaxed into the warm embrace.
© copyright 2020 Tenley Shewmake