Kimono Style Short Coat with Story – Ambrosia


Kimono inspired wearable art coat with contemporaneously written short story. Medium.

Kimono inspired short coat . Wearable art coat, kimono inspired. Series of buttonholes across the back can host separate included small patchwork “stories” for an avant garde look. Tenley made 2 coats using the same fabrics, this is a medium, the other, smaller.

  • shoulder to shoulder 20″
  • length 29″
  • pockets
  • long ties terminating in glass beads
  • gender neutral


She broke her fall with an outstretched arm and came away with bloody road rash. When she reached to brush the gravel from her cuts Denys had to discard the bouquet she had been collecting. Flowers of yellow and pink floated to the ground and her attention turned to the symmetry of the stalks and stems as they lay. “When had she started picking?” she wondered, and why were the blossoms all so uniform when all along the road was a riot of color and shape? Had she never noticed? Her hand forgotten, Denys closed her eyes and stepped into the rich sweet ambrosia.

copyright 2020 Tenley Shewmake