Kimono Style Short Coat with Story – Save Nothing for Fall


Kimono inspired short coat with story.  One of a Kind.


Kimono inspired short coat with story. One of a kind. Boro patchwork, upcycled cotton, poly-cotton blends. Ladies large, men’s medium. Pockets, lightweight. The accompanying story, Save Nothing for Fall, follows the observation of the Spring and Summer season of a flock of Ringneck Pheasants. Fabric sourced from the gifts of two friends, no more is available.

  • shoulder to shoulder 24″
  • length 31.5″ excluding “feathers” (hem alteration available)
  • pockets
  • tie front
  • gender neutral
  • alterations available

Save Nothing For Fall

It was Spring. Enzo woke early to adventure with other young men, and stayed up late to court young ladies. He was beautiful when he danced. His warm laughter touched the hearts of the girls, and led to sparring with his companions. He turned down no offer for his time. By Fall Enzo looked sad. His dancing coat was torn. His once bright smile lacked luster, and his voice was broken and thin. His Mother observed with pity as she mended his clothes, his Father laughed. They remembered their own tide of life which crashed through them like a flood in the Spring of their youth.

2018 Tenley Shewmake