Kimono Style Short Coat with Story – Full Moon Song #2


Kimono inspired short coat with story.  Limited Edition #Two of Three.

Black White and Browns with images of wolves and musicKimono inspired short coat with story. Limited Edition #2 of 3. Material only remains for one more custom short coat with these fabrics and story. Boro patchwork, upcycled cotton, poly-cotton blends, and antique Southern linen with lace. Ladies large, men’s medium. One Pocket.

  • shoulder to shoulder 24″
  • length 31.5″ (hem alteration available)
  • pockets
  • tie front
  • gender neutral

Full Moon Song

She was but a lass, and sweet. She got along with everyone. Underneath her ready smile were other feelings she was loathe to reveal. On the night of the full moon Claudia awoke to the sound of wolves howling. She stepped into the cool night and listened to their full throated song. The moon glistened hard and bright. She could see for miles, and she was awed by the silence when the pack went quiet.

“Make your life your own.”

The gentle words filled the desert spaces. Claudia did not know if they echoed or were repeated. She stood still and let the resonance wash over her. She did not want to forget the sound of her old woman voice.

2018 Tenley Shewmake