Kimono Style Art Coat with Story – Snapshot


Kimono inspired wearable art coat with contemporaneously written short story. One of a Kind.

Kimono inspired short coat . Pieced patchwork in cotton plaid and patterns. Blue and white accents set off the predominantly subdued brown and reds of this stylish coat handmade by Tenley Shewmake.

  • shoulder to shoulder 21″
  • length 29″
  • pockets
  • tie front
  • gender neutral


Dust drifted off the cardboard lid as Kevin set it aside. He gently selected a stack of polaroids from the pile. On top, the reds faded from time and heat, a pale view of his brother and himself running along a shoreline. He fingered the buckled and discolored plastic as he felt hot sun on his bare back and cold surf on his feet. Kevin was always chasing Zach, who was older by enough to always seem out of reach. In the picture, under the high noonday sun, Kevin’s hand reached out and brushed the edge of his brother’s plaid shirt.

copyright 2020 Tenley Shewmake