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Fender Deluxe 5E3 Clone


HAndwired clone of the Fender Deluxe 5E3 guitar amplifier.

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This rack mounted guitar amplifier delivers the epitome of rich mellow sound at Normal levels, and signature Saturated sound when overdriven. Output ~ 15watts with a bright and normal channel and tone control. Dual outputs to 8 ohm speakers in the back, Front engraved linen/phenolic plate with chickenhead knobs, and Ohmite dial plates. Free Shipping in the Continental USA.

Hand wired with authentic components including capacitors, transformers, and phenolic circuit board. The tubes are USA made new old stock. 5Y3GT rectifier tube, 6V6GT pair of power tubes (push-pull) preamp powered by a 12AY7 and a 12AX7. A clone of the Fender Deluxe 5E3.’5E3′ was Fender’s internal model designation for the 1957 tweed Deluxe. The February 1957 Fender price list shows the Deluxe at $129.50 which is equal to $1,145 in 2017 inflation adjusted dollars.

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6", 9"


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