213 Alterra Lane
Renick, WV 24966

Bob Hoffa

electric vehicle by Bob Hoffa
The June Buggy, Bob’s electric horseless carriage here in service at the WSS Freshwater Folk Festival.

Bob Hoffa is a self taught engineer with curiosity and a lifelong passion for learning. He designed and built all the buildings on the farm, and much of the furniture inside our home. He installed our solar array, and created several electric vehicles, ranging in scale from a bicycle to a small utility vehicle with a dump bed. He is a woodworker, stained glass artist, maker of jewelry, and a lover of turtles, trees, rocks, and minerals.

Tenley Shewmake

August Moon and Tenley at High Ridge in Alderson, WV
Tenley and August Moon at High Ridge Equestrian in Alderson, WV

Tenley Shewmake is an artist and craftsperson with many talents. She is a student of body language and communication with people and animals. She puts her enjoyment of color, order, function, and design into service of all her endeavors, from politics to handcrafted wearables. She grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and has a BA in Art from Wake Forest University.

I am inspired by Japanese Boro, the clothing and fabric used by peasants, merchants and artisans in Japan from Edo up to early Showa (17th – 19th c.) Boro exemplifies the value of ‘mottainai’ or ‘too good to waste’. Once an item was made, it would be maintained throughout the owner’s lifetime, and longer. Sewn together and patched over generations, family history was woven into the threads.

I use gifted, remnant and recycled fabric along with new to create garments that tell a story. May you wear them in good health.

Tenley Shewmake

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