Medicine / Gift Bag Honeybee Blue


Approximately 3″ x 5″ with a button closure, these Gift, or Medicine Bags are created to contain a special items of significance to you, or a special gift for a friend. One main pocket and a lined outer smaller pocket. This is a small bag.

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What better to contain a small gift for a friend than one of these unique handmade purses. These bags button closed with a thread wrapped cord and there is a second cord loop so you can attach the purse to a belt, snap or a carabiner.

A coin purse protects your material well being, a Medicine Bag helps you focus on your spiritual well being. In Native American tradition, the medicine Bag is a small pouch containing items associated with spiritual healing and or tribal identity; good medicine for the individual. Items you choose to put in your Medicine Bag could be for guidance, healing and protection, or you might create an affirmation to carry.

My intent creating a Medicine Bag is not to copy or steal the imagery of another culture, but to expand a spiritual practice in my own community. I begin with the repurposed fabrics and materials I use with my other bags, and adorn them with images and objects that mean something to me. I do not use traditional imagery from other cultures such as dreamcatchers, Kokopelli, Thunderbird, or animal images in the style of indigenous artists. I am certain I cannot avoid all cultural appropriation, some of which is already in the material at hand (batik, Egyptian print, paisley), but my wish is to tread lightly in that area.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5 x 7 x 1 in
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