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Falling Spring Fiber Co-op

Falling Spring Fiber Co-op : Handknitted

Sweater with brightly colored sleeves and contrasting dark blue body.Handknitted sweater with colorful lining.

Blue Sweater - Jean Lakiotes

Lined Sweater - Jean Lakiotes

Red-toned striped shawl.Pale blue side-tie sweater with delicate flower borders on waist and sleeves.

Red-striped Shawl - Jean Lakiotes

Blue Sweater - Jean Lakiotes

Brightly colored and patterned sweater.Hand dyeing wool in the fall.

Festive Sweater - Jean Lakiotes

Hand dyeing wool.

Three styles of winter woolen hats. Same hats seen from the back.

Hand knitted Hats - Jean Lakiotes

Handknitted and crocheted hats, lined sweaters and shawls. Some fibers have been hand dyed and handspun.

Jean Lakiotes