The Fairplay Hoss is an excellent utility vehicle for farm, industrial site, airport and more.


  • 48 Volts
  • 6.5HP Advanced DC Motor (high torque-low speed)
  • Speed control and thermal protection
  • 400 Amp Advanced DC Controller
  • 8x6 Volt T-105 Trojan Batteries
  • Battery Charge Indicator
  • High frequency Advanced DC Battery Charger
  • 58” x 44” Steel flat bed (with side rails that drop and lock)
  • Modified chassis to handle extra load
  • 1500 lb (681 kg) total vehicle capacity
  • 1000 lb (499.4 kg) total bed capacity
  • Four Wheel hydraulic brakes (front disc / rear drum)
  • Lighting Package (Front, Rear, Horn)
  • Ultraguard™ Body Design (Impregnated Poly-Propylene)
  • Available in Black (Automotive Paint /Clear Coat Finish)
  • Duralife™ Upholstery in Gray
  • Plastic Bottom Support in Seat
  • Reverse Warning Indicator
  • 10" wheels with heavy duty Tires
  • Custom Hub Caps
  • Functional Front and Rear Bumper
  • Options:
  • Split Windshield
  • Canopy with Hand Grips
Exterior Color Options


Upholstery Options


HOSS™ Features:

Battery compartment under bed.

Durable rubberized floor and hand brake.

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